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Dr. Sami is a triple board certified neurologist, neuromuscular & stroke subspecialist. He provides high quality services in areas of Headache, General Neurology, Neuromuscular, Stroke Subspecialty, EMG, EEG and Botox for his patients. Dr. Sami has the skill and specialized training to make certain patients receive uncompromised neurological care and compassionate personal attention.

Dr. Sami is very experienced in management of patients with headache. He provides advancced treatments including various nerve blocks, injections and Botox. He has injected up to 10,000 patients with butulinum toxin for various neurological problmes including migraine headache. He is clinical assistant professor at Quinnipiac University. Dr. Sami is an accomplished speaker who has presented at many local, regional, national and international symposiums. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology. Dr. Sami established Fairfield Headache Center in 2012 with the goal of providing progressive healthcare and advanced treatments to patients who suffer from headache throughout the lifecycle.

Fairfield Headache Center, LLC

Fairfield Headache Center in 2012 with the goal of providing progressive healthcare and advanced treatments to patients who suffer from headache throughout the lifecycle while maintaining a personal touch. In Fairfield headache Center we are dedicated to YOU – to your health and to your unique needs. We are dedicated to providing the most modern comprehensive headache care available in a warm and compassionate environment. We strive to use our many years of experience, combined with state-of-the-art equipments to benefit our patients in wellness and illness.

Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Sami,
I just want to "THANK YOU" for giving me what I feel is my life back. It has been almost 5 weeks since my botox treatment and for the last 4 weeks I have been headache free. The first morning I woke up and realized I was not hung over from the meds I was taking for this condition I kept looking around like I was missing something dreadful when I realized for the first time in YEARS, I was without a HEADACHE! As the days began to pass, I found myself looking forward to doing things and planning my life without being afraid that I would end up in bed, immobile again, with a migraine. I am so excited to feel so good. I thank you again for helping me. I pray that I never go back to that dreadful place of pain and dread, wondering what I could do next to conquer my headaches. My intestinal track has been much happier not having to take pills that cause other side effects. Bless you. Sincerely, Sharon

Hello Dr. Sami,
Hello fellow headache sufferer’s .I’d like to share with you my story on how Botox has changed my life in dealing with the dreaded migraine.
I have suffered with migraines since the age of five. I can remember throwing up on the school bus because of the intense stabbing pain on the left side of my head. Wasn’t much fun, as you well may know. I even remember certain events in my life because I had a migraine. Having to leave Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother’s, missing my son’s birthday party, leaving school events, work etc. I’m sure you can relate.
Since I am limited by medicine allergies as to what I am able to take, my journey has been long and painful in finding a treatment that suits me. I have chronic migraines with the worse lasting for 2-3 days, sometimes in bed or at least wishing I could be. I do have medication I can take but not always effectively on the severe ones.
I heard about Dr. Sami from a friend and I’m grateful every day. Dr. Sami tried me on different meds, but as usual I couldn’t adapt to them. He kept telling me about Botox but I was afraid. What happened if the Botox travelled, what if I couldn’t breathe or swallow or move my neck? Yes, these were all the scary thoughts that made me wait for a year. And then I did it. I decided the quality of my life was not so great so why not try?
I got my shots, which didn’t really hurt much, and panicked the whole time. I actually sat in the parking lot for over an hour waiting to see if something bad would happen. It didn’t. The Botox worked for me. I called a friend one day to say “Is this how other people live? Not having a migraine everyday when they wake up?”
I now get my shots every three months. The shots help to stop the pain as a migraine is starting and my headaches are so much more livable. Do I still get migraines? Yes I do. But the number of days that I am in bed with one, is down to maybe once a month, if that. Even when I get a migraine, the pain is not so great as to interfere with my daily life. I still take meds as needed, take the vitamins and minerals that Dr. Sami recommends and stay away from my food triggers.
I am so happy that I found Dr. Sami. He is kind and compassionate and has helped me get my life back. Thanks Dr. Sami! Lori