Botox &Fillers

The twenty-first century has seen an explosion in the numbers of individuals seeking out ways to look younger and more beautiful. As the demand for procedures increases, so does the desire for less invasive therapy with shortened downtimes. Botulinum toxin has become the most common aesthetic procedure performed in the USA with more than three million such procedures performed in 2005 (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2007). For cosmetic uses, the target of Butulinum toxin is primarily the muscles of facial expression. These muscles generally have soft tissue attachments and when contracted, move the overlying skin. With age, there is atrophy of the underlying facial support, including the muscles. The skin thins and with repeated muscle contraction there is folding and pleating of the skin, which becomes permanent creases over time. Botulinum toxin will temporarily weaken hyperfunctional muscles, thereby improving or eliminating the overlying skin creases.

Dr. Sami provides advancced headache treatments including various nerve blocks, injections and Botox. He has injected 7000 to 8000 patients with butulinum toxin for various neurological problmes including migraine headache. He used Botox, Dysport, Myobloc, Xeomin & various butulinum toxins for different neurological conditions including headache, migraine, blepharospasm, jaw dystonia, TMJ, Hemifascial spasm, Spasticity after stroke or with MS, cerebral palsy, writer's cramp, hand and neck tremor, Excessive drooling, Anal fissure, Neck pain, cervical dystonia, low back pain, foot dystonia restless leg syndrome etc. He has extensive experience for using Botox for varsious cosmetic reasons as well.